Grown ups and kids wildlife parties, school incursions and display education.

Not all reptile shows are the same! Some have just a few reptiles, while others may bring a massive quantity both in number and types of different species. Within Melbourne and Victoria only the snake man's shows bring all kinds of reptile from the region including the venomous ones and also with complete safety and guaranteed. The only reptile show in Melbourne and Victoria that takes safety seriously are the snake man's and those done by his magnificent team of staff and coworkers. This is because he alone in Australia has the expertise to have vet certified sugically devenomized deadly snakes that guarantee the safety of both handlers and audience. More significantly, these are the only venomous snake shows in Australia that do not engage in the brutally cruel stick handling of snakes for public entertainment. Instead all snakes are gently picked and and handled by hand, a feat normally reserved for the brave and foolhardy, but in this case allowable and safe due to the fact that the snakes have had their venom glands safely removed. The snakes are treated with care and respond in kind. Unlike the stressed-out and highly strung snakes seen in displays of imitators, the snake man's shows have snakes that are well-adjusted and quite happy being handled. As it happens, all the reptiles at the snake man's snake show and reptile display actually enjoy being handled as it gives them the opportunity to get warmth off the hands of the handler. On hot days the reverse applies as the handler sweats and so is cooler than a lot of other surfaces. A good reptile show should not just have a range of interesting and healthy well-adjusted snakes, crocodiles, lizards, turtles and frogs, but it should also give a proper education about the most important aspects of the animals. A wildlife show that doesn't do this really isn't worth getting. The snake man travels to all places including everywhere in Australia as well as overseas, but being based in Melbourne, Victoria, most of his work is in that region. The snake man's shows have an unrivalled perfect safety record, making them the most demanded reptile show in Australia. In recent years there have been several incidents involving members of the public getting life-threatening bites at venomous snake displays by other companies. With the snake man's shows, ther eis absolutely no risk of this at all. The worst possible bite is a pin prick. Being the best reptile displays in Australia, the snake man's exhibits are sought after for school incursions, corporate team building, business luncheons, holiday programs, kids reptile parties, birthday party entertainment and more. The snake man of Melbourne is always busy and so if thinking of getting a reptile awareness session or display at your place, make sure you secure your booking first before letting your friends know who is coming.