Snakes and Kids reptile birthday parties.

End of year and then the new year brings in breeding snakes and lots of babies.
As this is being written, we have a 4 year old Common Death Adder pregnant to her brother, a 3 year old red-bellied Black Snake pregnant to her brother and a few other pregnant snakes here.
The technical term for this is knocked up, or at least that is what we call them here in Australia.
You have to down the hatches to deal with a heap of unwanted babies and then the deal is as follows. Get rid of them as fast as you can and only hang onto what you need.
By law in Victoria, snake handlers such as ourselves are only allowed ten of any species of snake and as our company is close to max for most already, so we must get rid of the babies pretty much as soon as they are born.
That is not quite as bad as it sounds as the cleaning and feeding snakes makes for lost time and time that we should be spending dealing with the other side of our business, which is doing educational hands on kids reptile parties, Melbourne snake shows and reptile handling courses in all parts of Australia and elsewhere including places like New Guinea, Indonesia and elsewhere in the world.
Because our core business is reptile education and wildlife conservation, we publish our breeding results in peer reviewed scientific journals when we get a chance as well as doing Australias only hands on reptile shows, venomous snake courses and the like.
We prefer people to learn things properly the first time, rather than making unnecessary mistakes as happens when they do courses and the like with inexperienced imitators.
We are also always busy was we fight actions by animal haters to outlaw all private keeping of reptiles in Australia.
Snakebusters and the snake man Raymond Hoser fought and beat such bans here in Australia in the 1990s and do not want to go back to the bad old days if we can avoid it.
When it comes to reptile conservation, you are either with Snakebusters or against us.
If you are against Snakebusters, then you are an eco-terrorist. It is that simple.
By the way, importantly, when we teach people about reptiles we do not demonize them and that is why we use the worlds deadliest snakes in every reptile show and Melbourne kids reptile party displays for kids.
Its just to prove that they are not crazy killing machines wanting to kill at every opportunity.
The fact that the snake man Raymond Hoser and his highly trained staff are still alive and well is testimony to that.