Kids birthday parties.

To party in Melbourne there are a range of options and this is regardless of your age or budget.
Free entertainment may be wandering around a park in St. Kilda, or alternatively a walk on the Brighton beach.
Paid entertainment may vary in type and cost and include many options.But since then Hoser has built up a successful business known as Melbourne reptile parties. The concept of an educational party show for kids parties has since been copied by people all over the globe, even though it’s humble beginnings were in Melbourne and Sydney in Australia all those years ago. In every big cities nowadays you will find someone, somewhere advertising their services to give you or your kids the ultimate reptile party show entertainment.
The reptile party idea is of a herpetologist bringing snakes, lizards and crocodiles to a venue and letting the kids hold the animals and learn about them at the same time.
While this is the original Hoser concept, for reasons not entirely certain, no one else in Australia do their copy-cat reptile shows in quite the same way.
Alternative’s to the Hoser theme are kids events that are in the form of a show and tell, and in some cases the kids are allowed to touch or pat the reptiles. Other less experienced companies do boring static displays, these being a load of animals in cages brought to your home or venue.
These less experienced imitators claim that letting wildlife or other animals being held at children’s parties is dangerous and should never be done. Hoser disagrees and backs his view with an unmatched perfect safety record spanning more than 32 years in the animal display business.
The snake man and his kids reptile party shows in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, can be phoned on this number: 03 98123322.
As would be expected, they do get very busy as everyone wants to have the snake man at their venue, so the general advice is to make the booking for the best reptile show party company before you send out your invitations.
Oh, and make sure you have a few cameras and photographers available, as you’d be crazy not to get memories of your reptile party as well!